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Afghanistan Propaganda – The movie continues. Stop believing the lies.

Want to know how i know the afghan “suicide” bomb was pure fake propaganda???

First, they said 13 soldiers died… if its legit, why all the freemason satan numbers… they said 160 civilians too… so one 6 and one 3….. get it yet??
Second, the letters to the president from the marines moms came within days…. how come the veterans on jan 6 didnt get to send letters to trump right away?? Also, just like “ashley babbits mom and husband” they PARROT EXACTLY WHAT THE PARTY LINE PROPAGANDA SAYS…. They are made up letters saying EXACTLY WHAT THE GOP DEEP STATE WANTS…. There is not a chance in hell that all the people who dieds moms are saying the EXACT SAME THING… And what they are saying is PARTISAN POLITICS…. No grieving mother tries to play party line politics over her sons death….
The gab crew and gop are no smarter than the left… They believe the gop’s cnn *fox. and more… How will your grandkids fair if you let this continue? Stop believing lies with no proof… HEAR SAY IS NOT PROOF… PICS AND VIDEO OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN…
I WANT GRAPHIC VIDEO TOO… We are not children….. Any excuse to the other wise is pure COVER TACTICS…. I cant show you the proof but trust me, i got it… lol yeah ok hucksters… no thanks… I wouldnt buy that from tom, dick or harry so i wont buy it from some PAID INFLUENCER SHILL… thats all TALKING HEADS ARE IS PAID SHILLS.

Just like faucis fake emails # PROPAGANDA


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