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Climate Change – Elites are the VIRUS

Climate change didnt happen from this….???
But it happens from our cars and other little things??? lol
Climate change didnt happen from jets burning 40,000 lbs of fuel for one flight, it happens from cars with tanks the size of a pea comparatively…???

Im not saying climate change is real, but if it is real and anything were to cause it, these are the things that would… Not us… The real damage was done during the industrial revolution… Anyone who has looked at images of those times knows how bad it was… Just like we used to fill the rivers up with our sewage back then too…. The hudson was a sewage dump so bad it had to get cleaned and fixed… but its us that did all the problems right guys?

this is only one of MANY REFINERY EXPLOSIONS… and only one company… Get the SCALE YET? this also doesnt count the MANUFACTURING DISTRICTS OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION… Ill do those next 🙂

This is the real virus “Elites”….. They rape and pillage the earth and us…. Then point their finger at us like we did all this to the earth??? Then say we have to use less so they can CONTINUE TO USE EXCESS AND RAPE AND PILLAGE… Thats what this is all about, they realize that resources on earth are FINITE… They dont want to slow down or CHANGE, so they WANT US TO CHANGE SO THEY CAN STAY THE SAME… Its truly the most pathetic existence for a human… Elites are the swine of the earth…


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