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Covid 19 is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated… Fact or Fiction?

You all realize that by them “defeating the flu/cold” they have EFFECTIVELY MONETIZED IT by SEMANTICS… They rebrand it as COVID, then say its gone and only covid remains… Real amazing coincidence that “covid” symptoms are an EXACT MATCH TO COLD AND FLU SYMPTOMS…..
Reality check:
Beginning of time – 2019 = Flu/Cold VERY LITTLE REVENUE IS MADE FROM THEM…
2020-2021 = “Covid” ie. flu/cold is now a CONSTANT REVENUE SOURCE FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE NOW… Overnight, the thing they never made much money off of is now the #1 Source of REVENUE FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY FROM TOP TO BOTTOM….
Gee, i wonder if maybe as we always knew, MONEY RULES THE WORLD…
This is why they LOCKED DOWN in 2020… We thought, how could money not rule the world still… But what we didnt think about is the LONG GAME FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY AS IT WAS DYING…. They FORGO the revenue of 2020 to REAP WINDFALL PROFITS OFF “COVID” (cold/flu) in PERPETUITY AFTER 2020……..
GET IT YET?? CREAM STILL REIGNS SUPREME FOR SURE 🙂 After all, Lucifer still rules the world so nothing has changed…. Just a different magic trick got played on us…. Open Sesame… 😉

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