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Covid 19 vs FLU/COLD – Where did it go? History has been made! We ended the flu!?

Doesnt anyone wonder why this “Achievement” hasnt been gloated about on MSM 24/7?? from 38,000,000 cases in 2019 to 1,700 cases in 2020 we have “effectively” ended the flu…. Record breaking, HISTORY MAKING, Never BEFORE done, once in a lifetime, earth shattering news, its bigger than landing on the “moon” and “winning” WW2… lol… But the only coverage it got ever was to “explain” how the masks were totally the reason its gone, but “covid” which THEY CLAIM is ALSO A CORONAVIRUS like the FLU, somehow is just a PESKY WABBIT that cant seem to get caught by the masks….

Doesnt that perplex anyone?? The history field, the medical field, the gov health field, and more should all be SO OVERJOYED WITH THEIR ACCOMPLISMENT…. Dont you think we should celebrate that and tell them how great they all are for beating the wimpy flu while losing to the wimpy covid…… 😉 THE MORE YOU KNOW 😀

Occam’s Razor

The Simplest Answer is usually the right one, all things being equal...

Occam’s Razor?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??? Bueller?? anyone??? lol 😉

BECAUSE THIS “GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT” only serves to embelish and expose their deception… This is the CANARY IN THE COAL MINE AND EVEN THEY KNOW IT…… This hoax never made it past muster, but they had enough steam to plow through the barrier and keep going even though its always been nothing more than FANTASTICAL BULLSHIT LIES….

What a tangled web we weave when first we choose to deceive… the little devils just couldnt help themselves but the time for this CHARADE TO COME TO AN END HAS ARRIVED… The only dark winter that will be happening is in reverse…. The GOV WILL COWER IN FEAR BY THE END OF 2022… 🙂 Again, like on jan 6, except this time it will be ALL REAL, the fear too.. Everyone with a brain knows its INEVITABLE at this point.. They pushed too far and crossed too many lines… They can never come back and they know it… They all bought their one way tickets… its just when we decide to CASH THEM….


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