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Industrial Revolution – Didn’t cause climate change, but we did?

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times…
Gee, what could be the problem here??? The car, or the MANUFACTURING OF THE CAR by the SELF CENTERED ELITES???

Those were the GOLDEN YEARS FOR THEM… Windfall profits, no liability, no accountability, corruption running rampant… But somehow we supposedly have GOTTEN BETTER, while the people who did all this never had to answer for it STILL…. CHARADE, thats what our society is, an active charade…

The real problem is GREED… Greed caused them to careless about what damage they did… And even with all this nasty evil doing this back then, we still dont have much climate change.. However, INDIA AND CHINA, STILL LOOK LIKE THIS IN THEIR CERTAIN DISTRICTS…Thats why the elites like them more than us now, they are getting the GOLDEN YEARS THERE STILL… The indian and chinese people really need to step up their game and wake up and stop themselves from being exploited.. If there is no one to exploit anymore they will slither away into the abyss…


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