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Chet Hanks – Son of Tom Hanks – Both MASTER MASONS / FreeMasons / Illuminati- Has a message for truthers! ;)

Digital Warfare – InfoWars – Chet Hanks has a BLUFF and TROLL Video you all need to watch! He talks about being in the illuminati and JOKES how its no biggie that the world is figuring out they are the SHADOW GOVERNMENT AND SATANISTS….

Clearly, THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM… The worked with impunity in the shadows… NOW THEY CAN NOT… How is that good for them? its not.. Occams Razor, Chet is BLUFFING HARD… His “sarcasm” is actually real… Remember the ILLUMINATI INVERT EVERYTHING… Then he goes on a troll to try and SCARE US OFF THE SCENT OF THE PEDOS… Says we who talk about it will be the first to go to fema camps… I say BRING IT CHET… You gonna come yourself to get me or what army do you command?? Can you also defeat god? if not, than you can not defeat me as god is at my side or i at his. 🙂


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