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Greg Kelly – Newsmax – Still shilling the Ashley Babbit Scam / Propaganda! FALSE FLAG

Greg Kelly – Newsmax – Ashley Babbit Scam Propaganda Shill – 1 year in

He is obviously nervous and keeps looking away and making weird faces.. This guy is a propaganda shill and a half… Epic how he makes excuse after excuse why its taken a YEAR to “FILE A LAWSUIT” when the WHOLE THING IS FILMED FROM MULTIPLE ANGLES BY CNN’s lackey JAYDENX, INFOWARS, AND MIKE LINDELLS CREW… In PANAVISION… 😉 He knows it.. So the GOV scammers are profiting off of their LIES AND FALSE FLAGS WHEN THEY FAIL OR SUCCEED… 388k for a SIMPLE LAWSUIT… Thats alll these “news” channels do anymore is RUN GRIFTS… Scams, HUCKSTERS…


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