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Australia Quarantine Camps VS Auschwitz Concentration Camps VS China

Just remember the nazis never told their victims they would kill them or that the “showers” were GAS CHAMBERS of death… “work will set you free” was always a #PSYOP Con… Death or Fighting is all that could ever set you free when you go in the gates.

this was supposed to be a quick and easy post… lol so the holocaust is fake… THE LABOR CAMPS WERE REAL… THE GENOCIDE WAS REAL, BUT HOW AND WHERE??? The death march was on confirmed instances by both sides… WAR of course so lots there… Honestly, its funny they talk about it in the documentaries but not so much in the way of HOW MANY DIED DOING LABOR AND SIMPLY GOT BURIED OR BURNED ON SITE… How is the LABOR CAMPS NOT WORSE??? so why would they focus on the fake holocaust to paint them as bad?? THE KNOWN LABOR CAMPS WERE WAY WORSE… And we know even just by HOW MUCH AMAZING BUILDING, TUNNELING, AND MANUFACTURING THE GERMANS DID that they HAD ARMIES OF SLAVES….

Perhaps this has something to do with it, I never hear much about the labor camps BEING ONLY JEWS… So occams’ razor.. If you wanted to ABANDON SHIP and you persecuted some jews you didnt like in the camps and then 100 fold of all races you didnt like in the labor camps, than if you BELITTLE THE LABOR CAMPS as nothing, and LIFT UP THE HOLOCAUST against the small number of jews you didnt like, or perhaps it was a bigger number, thats a different debate, but again if you paint the SELF RACE PERSECUTION AS THE BIGGEST THING but dont let them know it was jew puppet masters than NO ONE WILL EVER THINK THE JEWS WERE IN CHARGE..

Ok mind bender here!! sigh.. So i set out on research to show you THAT THE NAZI DEMONS *JEW CONTROLLED* in their last “holocaust” that they would never tell you that it was going to be the death of you and that they had gas chambers… You were SIMPLY TOLD ITS A “SHOWER”…..

Which i succeeded in doing in these pics and links… HOWEVER…
HUGE HOLOCAUST PROBLEM -HOLES IN THE STORY – I was looking for photos of GAS CHAMBERS… PLURAL… Oddly enough, there seems to be only 1-3 different chambers of which none hold but maybe 100 people at a time tops.. So where did they do all this killing?? Then i noticed that i kept seeing the SAME “Incinerator” pics over and over so again, it seems the nazis did this genocide at auschwitz with a living room size gas chamber and 6 *notice the occult masonic Illuminati numerology*, to do all this burning of bodies???

Also, the pics of shoes and clothes really are worthless for anything other than PROPAGANDA… they mean NOTHING IN THE WAY OF PROOF… i could do a pile of old shoes… And, i notice in most the pics its all the same shoes, but i thought the shoes were from when they went INTO THE CAMP… So all the jews and russians WORE THE SAME SHOES??? Its not like its pics of prison sandals like they were what was left after killing them..

Auschwitz Below:

Darwin, Australia Below:


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